Student Resources to revise for SQA Exams

The Bright Red team is delighted to be able to bring you amazing publications for National 4, National 5, CfE Higher and CfE Advanced Higher. We started Bright Red with students in mind and our aim is always to ensure our study guides are just what students want to use for their own revision. All of our books are bright, engaging and simple to use. All of our new titles have been created especially for the Curriculum for Excellence courses and are presented in double page spreads so that individual topics are compact and easy to learn. They are full-colour and contain lots of diagrams, activities and pointers to help you on your way. Be Bright, Be Ready and get yours today!

The Bright Red Digital Zone has also been created to supercharge students learning online and nearly 100,000 students have already signed up and 2,000,000 have taken online tests! The Digital Zone supports all of our N5, CfE Higher and CfE Advanced Higher titles with online activities, links, videos and practice tests. It has won awards and is absolutely free! Tap into the Digital Zone today and work your way towards the best possible grades!

Study Tips and Techniques

Our Learn to Learn for CfE book is full of fantastic information on how to get the best from your study. It basically helps you learn to learn so that you feel comfortable and motivated when you are studying for any of the new Curriculum for Excellence qualifications. The topics covered in the book include learning and thinking styles, study skills and techniques and assessment techniques. 

Every student is unique in the ways they take in information, process it and retain it. 

Reflective thinking is a simple process that helps our brain to remember and apply information. With reflective thinking you use keywords that act as prompts to link your memory to banks of information.

The 3Rs - Review/Remember/Recall - process is key to studying successfully for exams and assessments. The 3Rs process involves:

  • gathering the information you want to learn
  • retaining the information
  • being able to recall and use the information when you need to in exams

By using the 3Rs, you will learn and practice new study techniques, which in turn will enable you to learn what you need to know for your exams. 

We highly recommend you buy our Learn to Learn for CfE guide for much more fantastic advice on exam success. As well as this, we always recommend the following study advice:

  • Organise your time and try to study at least a little every day
  • Arrange your study space and materials so that you are always clutter free and ready to go!
  • Eat well and take time to exercise - even if it's just a walk around the block to clear your head.
  • Take breaks and get plenty of sleep.