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BrightRED Study Guides for National 5 help you develop and apply invaluable knowledge and skills for your SQA exams. National 5 courses are made up of a number of Units and a Course Assessment. The Course Assessment consists of a question paper exam and/or coursework such as assignments, portfolios and practical activities. Our National 5 Study Guides cover each of the mandatory units and also include an extensive Glossary of key terms.

These full-colour books cover all content in an easy-to-learn format and are packed with BrightRED features including Don't Forget text boxes for key points  and Things To Do And Think About questions and exercises. Every National 5 Study Guide is also fully supported with lots of free online links, tests and activities at the award-winning BrightRED Digital Zone.

BrightRED Study Guide


David Jack

The ONLY Study Guide available for the National 5 RMPS course. Up-to-date with the latest SQA course and exam changes.


ISBN: 978-1-84948-313-1, 128 pages

This BrightRED Study Guide provides complete course content for the SQA National 5 RMPS course and is right up to date with recent changes.

The National 5 RMPS course will help you develop an in-depth understanding of many of the most important and interesting issues related to religion, morality and philosophy. Our National 5 RMPS Study Guide will help you understand and analyse subjects from a range of perspectives, and help you to effectively present your analysis and criticism of the topics effectively. 

It is the ONLY Study Guide written specifically for the National 5 course and is fully supported by the FREE BrightRED Digital Zone. 


  • Introduction
  • World Religions
    • Toolkit
    • Buddhism
    • Christianity
  • Morality and Belief
    • Toolkit
    • Morality and Justice
    • Morality and Medicine
  • Religious and Philosophical Questions
    • Toolkit
    • Origins
    • The existence of God
  • Glossary