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BrightRED Study Guides for National 5 help you develop and apply invaluable knowledge and skills for your SQA exams. National 5 courses are made up of a number of Units and a Course Assessment. The Course Assessment consists of a question paper exam and/or coursework such as assignments, portfolios and practical activities. Our National 5 Study Guides cover each of the mandatory units and also include an extensive Glossary of key terms.

These full-colour books cover all content in an easy-to-learn format and are packed with BrightRED features including Don't Forget text boxes for key points  and Things To Do And Think About questions and exercises. Every National 5 Study Guide is also fully supported with lots of free online links, tests and activities at the award-winning BrightRED Digital Zone.

BrightRED Study Guide


Dr Christopher Nicol with Contributing Editor Andrew Leask

Our first full course book for National 5 English offering complete course coverage.


978-1-84948-305-6; 256 pages

This National 5 English Course Book has been carefully structured to cover all aspects of the knowledge and practice you’ll need come exam time. In very straightforward language, we’ll talk you through the complete course, from taking your first tentative steps in National 5 work to tackling exam-type practice tests with real confidence. 

Our carefully prepared tests for Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation and for Critical Reading of Scottish Texts mirror the format and wording of the actual exams. And just to make sure your knowledge is fully secure, you’ll find further exercises you can do at home to make sure your new information is as firmly embedded as you think it is. 

Teacher's Notes and Online links can be found in the Download Files tab above.

The key features of this Course Book include:
  • What's coming up? These explain what you can expect in each chapter.
  • How does that work? There are examples that demonstrate course content and identify ideal approaches to answering questions
  • Classroom Challenges These provide a range of practical tasks and questions for use in class
  • Don't Forget These pointers offer advice on the key facts and on how to avoid common mistakes
  • Homework Helpers These provide great questions and tasks to complete at home
  • What you know now These are summaries at the end of each section which allow you to track and identify areas for key revision
  • SQA-style topic tests These are at the end of each chapter and are the perfect opportunity to practice answering questions ahead of the exam.
  • Glossary This contains key terms to explain important concepts that you will need to know for the assessments and exam.


  • Introduction
  • Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation
  • Critical Reading
  • The Folio
  • Listening and Talking
  • Summary of Critical Terms


What's the difference between our National 5 English Study Guide and our National 5 English Course Book?
National 5 English Study Guide     National 5 English Course Book
Contains all the essential course information in double page spreads Provides complete, detailed course coverage with more explanations and in-depth analysis
Contains worked examples that show you how to approach a range of concepts and questions Contains SQA-style topic tests and worked examples so you can practice answering the questions ahead of the exam
Has a number of features including Don't forget pointers, Things to do and think about and a Glossary Contains similar features to the Study Guide but also has Homework helpers, Classroom challenges and What's Coming Up and How does that Work?
Perfect revision tool for students that can be used in the classroom and at home Ideal for students aiming for those top grades and want to stretch themselves further or for students who are looking for extra study support and would benefit from a more comprehensive Course Book

Download the Teacher's Notes and Online Links here: 

Teacher's Notes

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