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BrightRED Study Guides for National 5 help you develop and apply invaluable knowledge and skills for your SQA exams. National 5 courses are made up of a number of Units and a Course Assessment. The Course Assessment consists of a question paper exam and/or coursework such as assignments, portfolios and practical activities. Our National 5 Study Guides cover each of the mandatory units and also include an extensive Glossary of key terms.

These full-colour books cover all content in an easy-to-learn format and are packed with BrightRED features including Don't Forget text boxes for key points  and Things To Do And Think About questions and exercises. Every National 5 Study Guide is also fully supported with lots of free online links, tests and activities at the award-winning BrightRED Digital Zone.

BrightRED Study Guide


Jimena Barainca Carrion

Develops language skills, revision and techniques for handling exam questions. Up-to-date with the latest 2017 course changes.


ISBN: 978-1-906736-56-9, 96pp

The BrightRED Study Guide for National 5 Spanish focuses on your work in the year leading up to the National 5 examination. It offers you an invaluable study toolkit containing revision of the National 5 course. The book provides a natural progression through contexts and suggested topics with development of language skills and effective techniques for handling exam questions with a range of ways to revise.

Our National 5 Study Guide for Spanish is also supported with a wealth of audio materials and free support on the BrightRED Digital Zone with tests, links and listening exercises. The audio files can also be found on the Downloads tab of this page.


  • Society
  • Learning
  • Employability
  • Culture
  • Course Assessment
  • Course Assessment: Writing
  • Glossary

N5 Spanish - Track 01 - Learning vocabulary What is he-she like.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 02 - Activity Positive Relationships Las relaciones positivas.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 03 - Activity Parental Relationships Las relaciones con los padres.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 04 - Activity Negative relationships 1 Las relaciones negativas 1.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 05 - Things to do and think about - Family conflicts.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 06 - Activity Ideal parents Los padres ideales.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 07 - Activity Spending time with your family-friends Pasar tiempo con tu familia-amigos..mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 08 - Activity -Relationships with friends Las relaciones con los amigos.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 09 - Activity Opinions Las opiniones.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 10 - Activity - Keeping fit Mantenerse en forma.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 11 - Activity Smoking and Alcohol El tabaco y el alcohol.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 12 - Activity Why do people smoke or drink alcohol Por que‚ la gente fuma o bebe alcohol.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 13 - Activity - Opinions of different programmes Opiniones sobre diferentes programas.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 14 - Activity Using technology El uso de la tecnologia.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 15 - Activity Advantages and disadvantages of technology Las ventajas y los inconvenientes de la tecnologia.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 16 - Activity My home town.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 17 - Activity What can we do to protect the environment Que‚ podemos hacer para proteger el medio ambiente.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 18 - Activity What do you like doing at school college or university Que‚ te gusta hacer en el institutola universidad.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 19 - Activity - Elenas school.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 20 - Activity - The school system in Scotland El sistema educativo en Escocia.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 21 - Activity The rules El reglamento.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 22 - Activity - When do you work Cuando trabajas.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 23 - Activity Studying and working Estudiar y trabajar.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 24 - Activity Who is it - Quien es.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 25 - Useful vocabulary.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 26 - Activity My ideal job Mi trabajo ideal.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 27 - Activity - The importance of travelling La importancia de viajar.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 28 - Activity Cesars best holiday Las mejores vacaciones de Cesar.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 29 - Activity Sylvias opinions on a book La opinion de Silvia sobre un libro.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 30 - Things to do and think about Bullet point 2.mp3
N5 Spanish - Track 31 - Activity Cesars work experience.mp3