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BrightRED Study Guides for National 5 help you develop and apply invaluable knowledge and skills for your SQA exams. National 5 courses are made up of a number of Units and a Course Assessment. The Course Assessment consists of a question paper exam and/or coursework such as assignments, portfolios and practical activities. Our National 5 Study Guides cover each of the mandatory units and also include an extensive Glossary of key terms.

These full-colour books cover all content in an easy-to-learn format and are packed with BrightRED features including Don't Forget text boxes for key points  and Things To Do And Think About questions and exercises. Every National 5 Study Guide is also fully supported with lots of free online links, tests and activities at the award-winning BrightRED Digital Zone.

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Dr Christopher Nicol

Brand new edition for this challenging course. Completely up-to-date with the latest 2017 SQA course and exam changes.


ISBN: 978-1-84948-329-2, 112pp                             

A new and updated edition fully in line with the latest 2017 SQA course and exam changes. Bright Red's Study Guide for National 5 English has one priority: your success. The National 5 course has multiple challenges and this book aims to give you confidence in tackling each one. 

Our Study Guide carefully follows the syllabus and takes you through all the skills required for attaining this qualification. It includes updated selection of Scottish texts and a revised RUAE chapter to reflect the SQA changes.

It covers all crucial course components including, Close Reading, Critical Essay, Context Work, Spoken Interactions and Critical Listening.

The important Critical Reading section is closely studied and the title suggests how the techniques learned here can also enrich students' Folio writing. The analytical skills you learn throughout the guide are used as an excellent foundation when planning and structuring your Critical Essay.

In addition to all of this, the book provides tips and techniques for getting around various problems as they arise in Don't Forget and Things To Do And Think About text boxes. 


  • Reading for understanding analysis and evaluation: Ways of Succeeding
  • The Crtical Essay: What's involved?
  • Critical Reading: Overview
  • Critical Reading: Scottish Literature
  • The Portfolio
  • Glossary of Critical Terms


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5* Amazon Review