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National 5 Biology Revision Cards

Get set to test your National 5 Biology with our revision cards. Avoid making common mistakes and get to grips with trickier subject areas.


ISBN: 978-1-84948-347-6

These revision cards are packed full of brilliant content for National 5 Biology. Bright, concise and engaging, they will help you test and consolidate your knowledge. The cards include questions, diagrams, illustrations and top tips so you can step up your learning, identify those weaker points and tick off the content you know inside and out. They are an excellent way of actively checking your progress and ensuring that you learn all of the key facts and content that you need to know.

Their compact size means they are super for learning on the go and are a good way of getting extra practice in. Each card covers a course topic which offers a mixture of multiple choice and exam-style questions. The answers can be found on the reverse of the cards along with explanations with key pointers. You can put aside the cards that you’re struggling with and practice those more until you’ve fully got to grips with them.

These cards were written by a group of experienced teachers, who have meticulously gone through the specifications to produce a set of Revision Cards that cover the key facts required for the SQA exams. They are the only resource of their kind for this subject and the authors have paid specific attention to questions students historically get wrong so you can avoid making the same mistakes!

They are an invaluable study aid to keep your learning fresh and to test your knowledge both at home and at school.