BrightRED Study Guide

CfE Learn to Write

Dr Christopher Nicol

A must-have title for students of all subjects wishing to improve their writing skills.


ISBN: 978-1-906736-74-3, 96pp

A fantastic activity book with a wealth of practice tasks and loads of invaluable writing advice and guidance. This title is a must-have for anyone wanting to improve and develop their writing skills - for SQA and for life!

Learn to Write is cross-curricular so provides advice and guidance for students of subjects like Geography or Computing Science as well as English. We developed the title after feedback from teachers that students were often very knowledgable on a subject but were finding writing answers and essays difficult. We are very proud of this book and we hope you like it too!


  • Punctuation
  • Sorting out Spelling
  • Sentence Structure
  • Working with Paragraphs
  • Developing Vocabulary
  • Working with Genres: Profiles and Practice
  • Being a Better Writer