Level 3 and 4 Course Books from Bright Red

BrightRED BGE Course Books are the perfect resources for students in S1, S2 and S3. They have been specifically written to meet the new Curriculum for Excellence benchmarks. Everything needed for the broad general education is in our Course Books! 

These engaging, full-colour books will help students to develop knowledge and apply skills for learning and skills for life. Helpful hints are provided throughout the books in the Don't forget pointers, while there are plenty of opportunities to practice applying knowledge through Classroom Challenge questions and tasks. There are also What you know now summaries, which provide an overview of the knowledge and skills covered in each chapter and How does that work? introductions that outline the key content in each chapter.

These guides are invaluable for use in the classroom or for personal study. Be bright, be ready for Level 3 and 4 and beyond!

BrightRED Study Guide


William Reynolds, Nadene Morin and Elaine Wingate

Written by the author team behind our bestselling Business titles. Covers Level 3 and 4 experiences and outcomes.


978-1-906736-93-4, 240pp

This full-colour, highly engaging, BrightRED Course Book for Level 3 and 4 Business provides extensive coverage of the syllabus, meeting the new Curriculum for Excellence benchmarks and covering the Level 3 and 4 experiences and outcomes. It is packed with worked examples and practice questions and supported by digital resources available for download.

It has been designed to develop skills and a comprehensive understanding of budgeting, business ethics, advertising and the trade industry more generally. It will be supported by online teaching notes and downloads of extra tasks. This Level 3 and 4 Business Course Book is the perfect resource for students in S1, S2 and S3 and can be used both in the classroom and at home. 


  • Unit 1: Needs and Wants, Goods and Services
  • Unit 2: Advertising and Entrepreneurs
  • Unit 3: Equality and Discrimination
  • Unit 4: Budgeting and Money
  • Unit 5: Globalisation and International Trade
  • Unit 6: Employment and Technology
  • Unit 7: Software Packages
  • Glossary