BrightRED eBooks via ReadCloud

Access BrightRED eBooks on ReadCloud

Good news! We are now offering our full range of study guides, course books and revision materials as eBooks on ReadCloud!

ReadCloud is a dynamic digital platform that is designed to offer a fully flexible teaching and learning approach.

The benefits of using ReadCloud to access your BrightRed titles include:

  • Easy sign-up and access for teachers and students
  • Classroom display for lessons via smart boards and whiteboards
  • Collaboration tools for eBooks including the ability to add text or video comments for more engaging learning
  • Ability to upload additional notes and resources for context
  • Student access for independent study and homework
  • Keep physical study materials in the classroom to make them last longer

ReadCloud works cross-platform including Mac, iPad, iPhone, PC, Android, Chromebook and via a web app.

As an added bonus, if you choose to sign up to access BrightRED eBooks on ReadCloud, you’ll get access to a 30% discount on physical copies of the subject you’ve subscribed to!

To set up your 30-day free trial, email here with your name, school and the titles you’d like to access.