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There is no shortcut to passing any course at SQA Higher level. To obtain a good pass, you need consistent and regular revision throughout the course. The aim of all our CfE Higher BrightRED Study Guides is to help you achieve success in your SQA exams through concise and engaging course coverage with plenty of activities and examples. CfE Higher courses are made up of a number of Units and a Course Assessment. The Course Assessment consists of a question paper exam and/or coursework such as assignments, portfolios and practical activities.

Our CfE Higher Study Guides cover each of the mandatory units and also include an extensive Index of key terms. Every Higher Study Guide is also fully supported with lots of free online links, tests and activities at the award-winning BrightRED Digital Zone.

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Susan Bremner

We are publishing a revised edition of this Study Guide to reflect the recent 2018 SQA changes. Buy this original edition for the special price of £6.50.


ISBN: 978-1-906736-85-9, 96pp

**Please note this Study Guide is NOT up-to-date with the latest 2018 course and exam changes. We are publishing a revised and updated Higher German Study Guide in the forthcoming months and are selling our original copy for the special price of £6.50. Whilst this Study Guide is not up-to-date with the latest SQA exam changes, it is still packed full of relevant and useful content for this course.**

This BrightRED Study Guide for CfE Higher German will help you achieve success by taking you through the various challenges of the CfE Higher German course. The Higher course will continue to build on the foundations laid down in National 5. It might be a good idea to read over the National 5 German guide again to revise vocabulary and grammar points.

The aim of this guide is to cover a wide range of topics to help build up your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar points. The book also discusses the different parts of the course exam and offers tips as to how to gain a good mark. It offers advice on how to study and prepare for the exams and will provide you with ideas and phrases to help you write your short essays and Directed Writing essay for your class teacher.

Our Study Guide for CfE Higher German is further supported by audio files hosted on the Downloads tab above, as well as a wealth of extra material on the BrightRED Digital Zone. 


  • Society
  • Learning
  • Employability
  • Culture
  • Course Assessment: Translation
  • Course Assessment: Writing
  • Course Assessment: Performance
  • Grammar
  • Appentices

Cfe Higher German - 1 - Mia-s family.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 2 - Living with parents.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 3 - Divorce - Florian.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 4 - Divorce - Christina.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 5 - Friendship.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 6 - Bullying.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 7 - For and against marriage - Frau Hillert.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 8 - For and against marriage - Max.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 9 - For and against marriage - Julia.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 10 - Die Deutschen und ihre Freizeit.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 11 - The dangers of the internet.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 12 - Mobile phones.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 13 - Understanding statistics.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 14 - Giving opinions about TV - Part 2 - Mia.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 15 - Giving opinions about TV - Part 2 - Max.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 16 - Healthy living.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 17 - Sport.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 18 - Smoking fr oder gegen.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 19 - Alcohol.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 20 - Smoking and alcohol - Ralf.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 21 - Smoking and alcohol - Doris.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 22 - Environmental problems.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 23 - Save the environment.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 24 - Wie ist ein guter Lehrer.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 25 - Wie lernst du am besten.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 26 - Gehst du gern zur Schule.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 27 - Future plans.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 28 - Studium oder Berufsausbildung.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 29 - Eine duale Berufsausbildung.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 30 - Reasons for learning another language.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 31 - Samuel ist zweisprachig.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 32 - What kind of work are you looking for.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 33 - Ein interessanter Beruf.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 34 - Interview questions.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 35 - Part-time jobs.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 36 - Ein ungew”hnlicher Studentenjob.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 37 - M„dchen arbeiten mehr und verdienen weniger.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 38 - Girls day.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 39 - Emma-s first day at work.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 40 - A gap year.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 41 - Why go on holiday.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 42 - Wie vielf„ltig ist die deutsche Gesellschaft heute.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 43 - Opernball.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 44 - Reading and watching TV.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 45 - Online listening - Work experience - Arbeitspraktikum - Laura.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 46 - Online listening - Work experience - Arbeitspraktikum - Max.mp3
Cfe Higher German - 47 - Online listening - Work experience - Arbeitspraktikum - Dirk.mp3