The SQA National 5 Qualification in Accounting aims to teach students how to prepare and analyse financial and management information.  The syllabus, which is broken down into three units enables students to understand the role of accounting in industry & society, develop a systematic approach to account preparation & presentation, then interpret this information.

The SQA Curriculum for Excellence Higher Accounting Course aims to build on the knowledge, understanding and information handling skills gained during the National 5 Accounting Course. 

BrightRED Study Guides for Accounting are clear, easy to follow and precise, providing students with all the knowledge required to pass the National 5 and Higher Accounting SQA Exams.  They also include a range of challenging accounting tasks to help the student practice each accounting principle as they prepare for the exam.

BrightRED Study Guide


William Reynolds

The ONLY Study Guide available for this National 5 Accounting exam.



BrightRED Study Guide


Helen Lang and William Reynolds

The ONLY Study Guide to cover the SQA Higher Accounting course.