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SQA Past Papers 2011: Standard Grade G/C Craft & Design
SQA Past Papers 2011: Standard Grade G/C Craft & Design
  • Published: September 2011
  • ISBN: 978-1-84948-164-9
  • Pages: 192
Price: £8.99

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Book details

The new 2011 edition of the only collection of actual SQA examination papers with fully approved answers prepared by SQA examiners.

Real Papers from past exams provide the best possible practice. Faithfully reproduced, these papers are exactly what previous candidates have encountered and will help improve exam technique. SQA approved answer sections allow you to check your progress as you go and see exactly what the examiner is looking for from candidates.
Using the Official SQA Past Papers will make you feel good about preparing for your
exams, because:
·         this book is the only collection of genuine Past Papers which have been sat in the actual exam
·         these are the onlyPapers available with SQA-approved answer sections – verified by senior examiners,
·         with this book you can be confident about what they are looking for in your exam; as well as being the best value for money on the market, with five complete years’ worth of exam material to support your preparation
·         and this year the format of the books has been changed to allow every single book to be printed on paper from sustainable sources for the first time ever!
Practising with SQA Past Papers is the only way to be sure you’re working at the correct level. Buy yourself some peace of mind with the genuine article!

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