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Welcome to Bright Red Publishing
  • We publish 6 new titles this week! N4 Biology, Chemistry & Computing, N5 Spanish & CfE Higher French!


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About us

Find out more about award winning Bright Red Publishing, who we are, what we do, how we work, it's all here!

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About us

At Bright Red Publishing, we are passionate about producing accessible, contemporary and engaging education materials of the highest quality created for SQA qualifications for Scotland‘s students and teachers. Our hard work has paid off and we have won the IPG's Education Publisher of the Year award for 2010 and 2011!

One of the ways we achieve this high quality in our study guides and revision materials is to work with the very best publishing and educational professionals, to produce truly exceptional products at the forefront of educational resourcing in Scotland. Go to the Publishing Processes section below to view the system we have in place to ensure that every book meets the highest possible standards.

Bright Red books are developed to be as fresh, bright, comprehensive and as easy as possible to use, so that they will inspire young minds to think creatively and achieve their full potential.
Find out more about the best study guides for Scottish students on our Catalogue page

Formed at the beginning of 2008 by the former management team from Leckie & Leckie, Bright Red Publishing is the leading independent Scottish educational publishing company. 
We aim to be a positive and self-sustaining publishing company, and we place the highest importance on valuing the people we work with and the relationships we build in the course of our business.  We will always ensure consideration and best practice to suppliers, partners and customers, and will make every effort to be an ethical business with a social conscience and environmental awareness. Go to the Biography section below to see who we really are!


Richard Bass 

Born in a small town on the Lancashire coast, Richard left the seaside behind to pursue a degree in English Literature on the other side of the country. He managed to catch one.    

London next, and a musical path, in a band hailed as one of the best live unsigned bands in London by many of the band-members’ closest friends.  These undoubtedly deserved plaudits notwithstanding the band stoically remained unsigned, and a career in sales and marketing followed, mainly in the genteel world of book publishing but occasionally in the dark alleys and ill-lit streets of less noble commerce. 

Later, following a variety of moves further north, coupled with improving views, but ever worsening weather and the acquisition of an Australian wife and three children, he finds himself living in Fife, working in Edinburgh, and playing guitar anywhere he can find a quiet space. 


John MacPherson  


No stranger to taking the long way around as he progressed through nth degrees in History and Law, John accidentally fell into the publishing world nine years ago.  This initially inauspicious move was followed by a rapid rise through many roles at Leckie & Leckie Publishers, culminating in his eventual appointment as Commissioning Editor. 

When not striving at the publishing coalface, John is a keen runner and plays football to the best of his abilities twice a week.  He’s also a fan of outdoor adventures, taking photos, drinking coffee and doing the Times 2 crossword (or not, as the case may be).

John lives in Edinburgh. 

Alan Grierson 

After a short, unfulfilling stint in banking, Alan studied Publishing at Napier University before embarking on a much more rewarding career in the world of books. First port of call was the literary hotspot of Edinburgh’s new town and a brief sojourn amongst the shelves of the much missed Stockbridge bookshop. Before long, the bright lights of London town and a job with the venerable Butterworth & Co tempted Alan southwards. Alan became well versed in all things editorial and production and he humbly accepted the promotions that came his way. After a decade of toiling in the big smoke, Alan followed his heart and went home to be with his girl from the north country!
They are now happily married with 2 children and live on the edge of the Pentland hills. When not working or spending time with his family, Alan likes to don a fancy shirt and socialise with pals or join his fellow Tartan Army footsoldiers on their high jinks around Europe.

Rosie Howie

Born and raised in (occasionally) sunny Edinburgh, Rosie left for the first time to venture down to Newcastle to pursue her dream of reading books all day by studying English Literature. Three years later, with a degree under her belt and an enormous backpack on her shoulders, Rosie left on a 2 year long adventure through North America, Australia, New Zealand and South Asia and made her friends back home jealous with photos of herself in exotic places. In 2011 she returned home to study for a Masters in Publishing at Edinburgh Napier and, while lamenting about the rapid fading of her tan, spent a year between internships, work placements and selling books in Waterstones before joining the Bright Red team as Marketing & Publishing Assistant.
Outside of the Bright Red office Rosie enjoys attempting to look coordinated in Zumba class, catching up with her friends and family and spending too much money in H & M.

Publishing process

The Bright Red Publishing Process
  1. We commission the very best person we can find in their field to write each book.  This could be a teacher, principal teacher, or other education professional; but it will invariably be someone with an impeccable track record within Scottish education, and often someone experienced in creating educational resources. If you fit the bill and are interested in writing for us, get in touch, we’d love to hear your proposal.
  2. The author will be carefully briefed to ensure that their book contains all the essential information required for the course, as well as meeting Bright Red’s high standards of accessible language and readability, stimulating tips and extensive features.
  3. Once the manuscript has been written, it is independently peer reviewed by another experienced and knowledgeable education professional for technical accuracy, coverage of the course and usability.
  4. The feedback from this review is returned to the author, who then incorporates the reviewer’s feedback to create the best possible text.
  5. Once the text has met the criteria set by the reviewer, and by Bright Red Publishing, it is edited for consistency and language and set into the design of the Bright Red books.  The design and appearance of our books have been carefully developed by obtaining feedback from teachers and students about accessibility, interest, ease of use, and visual appeal. We believe it presents the material in a way that allows all students to gain something from the books, to be kept as interested as possible in their revision and to remember the information more easily!
  6. This designed text is then checked again in-house by Bright Red Publishing, as well as externally by an experienced proof-reader to be sure that there are no mistakes, and that the information is complete, accurate and consistent.
  7. Once any corrections have been made, the books are printed on good quality FSC paper, from sustainable sources, by printers who also carry out another set of checks to ensure that the text is error-free and complete.  The books are bound in such a way as to be robust and durable, to ensure the maximum lifespan in schools.

Featured item Bright Red's Featured Item
BrightRED Study Guide National 5 Spanish
March 2015


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